According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 11% of children in the age group of 4-17 years of age have been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as of 2011. These rates are steadily increasing.
If you suspect that your child has ADD or ADHD, please consult your pediatrician.

Some symptoms of ADD include:

■ Not paying attention to details
■ Making careless mistakes
■ Having trouble staying focused; or easily distracted
■ Appearing not to listen when spoken to
■ Having difficulty remembering things and following instructions
■ Having trouble staying organized, planning ahead, and finishing projects
■ Getting bored with a task before it’s completed
■ Frequently losing or misplacing homework, books, toys, or other items

Some symptoms of ADHD include:

■ Constantly fidgeting and squirming
■ Often leaving his or her seat in situations where sitting quietly is expected
■ Moving around constantly, often running or climbing inappropriately
■ Talking excessively
■ Having difficulty playing quietly or relaxing
■ Being always “on the go,” as if driven by a motor
■ May have a quick temper or a “short fuse”

We are pleased to now offer counseling services at Regal Pediatrics.

Ms. Dena Elghoroury, MA, LLPC, NCC, completed a Bachelor degree in Psychology and a Master degree in Counseling from Oakland University. Ms. Elghoroury passed the National Counseling Examination in April of 2013. Furthermore, she is a current Doctoral student in the Counseling program at Oakland University.
Her experience includes working with children, adolescents, and adults for a variety of issues. She completed an internship at ACCESS in the Victims of Torture department where she provided counseling services to refugees and asylum seekers.

Please call our office at 248-852-5177 or visit our office to inquiry about our services. We are conveniently located in Rochester Hills MI, near Troy MI and Sterling Heights MI. Our doctors are bilingual (English-Arabic and English-Urdu). We specialize in children’s medical care as well as adult medical care.

We look forward to serving your family’s medical needs.

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