Do you want to learn all about immunizations?

Immunizations are small amounts of a very weak or killed virus that get injected into the body. This causes the immune system to produce antibodies and fight off the future infections.

Immunizations are shots to protect you and your family from diseases. There’s a lot of different reasons why you should get them and which ones you could get.

A lot of immunizations protect your kid from airborne diseases like the chickenpox, Mumps, or the Flu. These shots are not only protecting your child though, but other children as well. This is especially true for kids that go to daycare or school.

Sicknesses like the flue or chickenpox spread very easily and sometimes it’s not caught until too late.

We all know that our kids don’t want shots and of course we don’t want to see our kids in pain, but think about the pain that they may be in if they don’t get the right immunizations. Some of the symptoms that these shots are preventing could be way worse. Plus, that’s time you don’t have to spend in the hospital or at home sick with them. Some of these immunizations could even save a life.

Most kids are actually required to have immunizations to start school or pre-school. By the age of six children are recommend to have at least nine different ones.

Immunizations are not just for kids though. Adults get them too. The Flu shot is recommended every year to people of all ages and people with asthma actually have to get it.

If you travel a lot as, especially to third-world countries that don’t have as many doctors as we do, it’s important to protect yourself with the proper immunizations.

Ask your doctor and they can refer you to the right ones. This is just a little about immunizations and how they can help you and your family.

For more information refer to our Immunization page under Resources or ask your doctor!

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