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In this age children are exposed to a lot of technology. They have iPads, computers, and other interactive technologies that help your kids learn and explore. Schools are also introducing computers to the classroom to help teach lessons. While it’s great that kids have more tools to learn with, it’s not always great for their health.

The important thing to remember with kids and computers, tablets, or anything with a computer–like screen is moderation. 15 minutes a day on a computer is perfect for a kid and even beneficial.

There have been studies done and most of them actually proved kids who used computers in the classroom and at home were better with motor and visual skills and cognitive development. Limiting the time on a computer will keep the kids learning, but still leave time for other activities as well.

Kids can hurt their eyes from being on the computer too much though. We know that as adults we are usually using computers everyday and that’s hard on our eyes.

Think of what it’s like for a kid, especially since they are still developing. Plus you don’t want them becoming a couch potato and relying on a computer to have fun.

Computers are all about helping kids learn, but this should not take away from reading or playing with other kids. They still need to develop a lot of skills that computers can’t always teach them. A computer cannot replace a tangible toy that kids use like blocks or a musical keyboard.

When your kids are using computers make sure you monitor what they do. Buy them some software in their age range on something they might be interested in.

You can even get a game where you and your kid can play together. Keep in mind that it’s important you don’t let them surf on the web alone. There are a lot of dangerous people out there and dangerous viruses for your computer.

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