In 2012 there were 29.1 million people in America diagnosed with diabetes. It’s important you learn the facts about diabetes to be prepared.

Diabetes is one of the top ten causes of death in the US. It’s a serious disease, but with appropriate care it can help setback risks.

Unfortunately, a lot of cases of diabetes can go unnoticed. Some symptoms may be: fatigues, blurred vision, lots of urinating, weight loss, or slow healing of bruises or wounds.

Getting tested involves checking your blood glucose levels. If you ever question whether you have diabetes you should get tested immediately. It could save your life.

Before being diagnosed with diabetes most have prediabetes, which is higher blood glucose levels, but not high enough to be diabetes. Then there is Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 is mostly diagnosed in children and younger adults and Type 2 is diagnosed more in older adults. Diabetes is essentially your body not producing enough insulin.

If you’re diagnosed with diabetes there’s a lot thrown at you. There are new diets, new workouts, and new words that you learn. To make things a little easier on yourself keep this list of terms nearby: Common Terms. Always ask your doctor if you have questions.

Living with diabetes is not fun, but maintaining it can be easier than you think. Here are some facts about diabetes.

First off, staying away from saltier foods can help a lot. By decreasing your salt intake you’re minimizing your risks for heart attack or stroke. Try eating some super foods like beans, dark green leafy veggies, and berries. If you need help planning meals look at: Create Your Plate

Along with good meal planning, staying physically fit is just as important. Being active can include yoga, walking, bicycling, or even dancing. When you maintain an active body it makes your insulin work better and it lowers your blood glucose.

Working out also reduces stress, helps sleeping, and lowers blood pressure.

There’s a lot to learn about diabetes, but these are just some of the basics with symptoms, getting tested, and easy ways to help prevent the risks of living with diabetes. If you want to learn more visit They have a lot of great information and resources.

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