As you all know Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me you’re just now thinking of some ideas to get that Daddy figure in your life.

Let me help you out a little bit and give you my top four present ideas for that special guy!

1. Big Breakfast – Dads love food! Take him somewhere nice for breakfast with the family. What could be better than a huge plate of bacon, eggs, and hash browns? The Detroit area has some of the best places for breakfast and you can take a walk around Campus Martius after.

2. Specialized Coupon Book – These books are always my favorite to make and great to use with little kids! Make a little book of about 10-15 pages, then sit down and think of 10-15 things you can do for your dad. He gets to use the coupons whenever he chooses. Some examples for coupons could be: a free ice cream date or a family trip to Mackinac with the family.

3. Tickets to a Game – What man doesn’t love sports? Get your dad tickets for his favorite sports team! Whether it’s the Lions, Tigers, or Wings (I know they’re not a sale, but you can do an IOU), get enough tickets for the whole family and have an awesome day together! Make sure you spoil him with his favorite snack and a beer too!

4. Gift Card to Lowe’s or Home Depot – We all know that dads love fixing everything in the house, even if it’s not broken. Get him a gift card that he can appreciate! He can get tools, a toolbox, or some paint to make his man cave awesome for watching those Tigers this summer! Let’s face it; this is the only shopping he’ll appreciate!

Happy Father’s Day to all the loving fathers out there!

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