Learn about firework safety. Fourth of July is right around the corner and the one thing that everyone looks forward to, besides maybe a few extra vacation days, are fireworks!

Fireworks are always a blast for you and the kids, but they can also be very dangerous if you don’t know proper firework safety. Of course the safest way to enjoy fireworks is at a public display, but we know that people enjoy lighting them at home too. Make sure it’s legal in your city first.

Here’s a just a few thing to keep in mind over the holiday weekend:

• Kids should never light fireworks, ever. There are so many things that can go wrong especially if they don’t know how to use them.
• If kids are using sparklers always have someone watching them.
• Kids should be at least seven or older to use sparklers. Make sure they are waving them away from their face, clothing, and other people.
• Kids should be sitting and enjoying fireworks, not running around. They could run in front of a lit firework or fall on one and get injured.
• For anyone who is lighting the fireworks they should point them away from houses and people, or anything that could catch on fire.
• Never relight a dud. Duds could easily explode if they didn’t light in the first place. Put water on it and trash it.
• Always have a bucket of water near the place you are lighting off the fireworks. Also, always stick the fireworks in water before throwing them in the trash.
• Never have kids pick up any pieces of leftover fireworks. They can still be lit or explode.
• Loose clothing is not recommended around fireworks because it can easily catch on fire.
• If someone’s eye gets injured do not let them touch or rub it. This could cause more damage.
• If anyone gets injured from a firework go to your nearest doctor.

Always remember to have fun and be safe. Enjoy your holiday!

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