Flu season officially starts in September in Metro Detroit, Michigan and lasts until the end of the winter. At Regal Pediatrics and Regal After Hours Clinic in Rochester Hills we offer free flu shots for most children and cost $30 for adults without medical insurance. We serve the Rochester, Troy, Utica, Pontiac, Shelby Township, Sterling Heights and Auburn Hills area.

It is recommended that everyone over the age of 6 months get vaccinated against the flu. By getting the flu shot, you can prevent the flu virus from invading the body, which can cause significant disease and discomfort.
*More than 200,000 people are hospitalized every year in the United States from flu-related complications.

The vast majority of people that get a flu shot will have minimal tenderness at the site of the vaccine with no discomfort and a small number of patients may get cold-like symptoms for a short period of time.

Children may attend daycare right after getting a flu shot and adults may go back to work after the vaccination. No downtime is necessary!

Some ways to avoid getting sick this winter include; hand-washing, using disposable disinfecting wipes when possible, keeping the home well ventilated and sanitized, and avoiding contact with sick children and adults at school or at work.

The flu shot protects you against the flu for one whole year.
To schedule your appoinment to receive a free flu shot for your children call Regal Pediatrics and Regal After Hours Clinic in Rochester Hills and Washington Township at 248-852-5177.

If you would like additional information about flu shots in michigan, please visit
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
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*Data from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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