Regal Pediatrics and Regal After Hours Clinic’s own pediatrician, Dr. Elghoroury, has written a book about getting the most from your doctor’s visit. In this no-nonsense book, Dr. Elghoroury covers many topics related to medical visits, such as:

*Sick vs. Well Visit
*Differences in Medical Insurance (FFS/HMO, PPO)
*Patient’s Medical History
*Patient’s Rights
*Normal and Abnormal Conditions
*Plan of Care or Solution
*Shots and Fear
*Follow-up Visits

This book contains medical advice about how to get the most from your doctor’s visit. For example, how do you find a doctor whom you trust and have a good rapport with? How do you prepare your child for a well child exam? What are the different types of medical insurance? What type of medical history should a patient share with his/her doctor? When is it the best time to visit a doctor’s office? Are vaccines really necessary?

Here’s a quote from Dr. Elghoroury’s book regarding vaccines:

“As I worked as a resident in the emergency room, I’ve seen those who came in with dreadful signs of meningitis (brain infection.) On the hospital wards I cared for babies who suffered from pneumonia (lung infection) or couldn’t breathe on their own. I wish we had a vaccine for every infection, for that will be the true advancement in medicine. In my opinion, the best difference between the medicine we practice now and medieval medicine is our ability to vaccinate and keep at least some of these devastating ailments from occurring.”

Dr. Elghoroury’s book “How To Get The Most From Your Doctor’s Visit” is available on

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