Planning a hospital visit? Elective surgery? Expecting a baby?

The reasons for visiting a hospital vary from patient to patient, but we can benefit from learning a few things about what to expect while we are the patients at a hospital.
Our own Dr. Elghoroury from Regal Pediatrics has written a book titled “How to Get the Most From Your Hospital Visit”. In the book, Dr. Elghoroury introduces us to many interesting subjects related to hospitals, such as; types of hospitals, the pros and cons of teaching hospitals, hospitals rounds, health insurance coverage, coping with hospitalization, hospital admission, admission criteria, emergency room, elective and non-elective procedures, hospital discharge process and much more.

After reading Dr. Elghoroury’s book, you will have a better picture and understanding of what can be expected when someone is hospitalized. If you are currently expecting a baby, the following passage from the book will be informative as well as inspirational:

“But in between those moments and cries there is an abundance of unnoticed major biological changes happening in the mother’s body as well as in her baby’s. The baby’s lungs that have never been used before to inhale and exhale – the lungs that were previously soaked and filled with fluid – have to drain that fluid, dry up fast, expand, and accept the outer air supply as the only source of oxygen. All this within a matter of seconds. The heart that was used to force blood traffic in a certain direction must now adjust its chambers and connections to pump the right kind of blood in the right direction to adapt. The blood cells have to go through rapid and critical changes to acclimatize themselves to a new way of independent life as the umbilical cord is cut. Certainly the many mothers giving birth are living proof that miracles happen every day.”

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Furthermore, Dr. Elghoroury speaks English and Arabic, and Dr. Baig speaks English and Urdu.

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