Transitioning a child from taking a bath to taking a shower can be exciting for some and a little frightening for others.
Introducing them to the shower while they are taking a bath might be a good idea. Gently turn on the shower spray and explain to them that some water might get on their face, but that it’s fun, just like playing with the water sprinklers or going down a water slide.

To keep them safe while showering, place no slip adhesives on the bathtub and stay within arm’s reach while they are getting used to showering. Buying them a few “treats” for the shower might make them excited about this milestone (shampoo, body wash, washcloth, etc.).

For some kids this milestone is welcomed and they switch from bath to shower on the first try. For some other kids, they might be more apprehensive and want to continue with baths rather than showers. It might take longer, but with your love and support they will eventually make the transition.

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