Instead of making New Year resolutions that last a month or two at the most, let’s improve our lifestyle to make us happier and more fun to be around in 2013 and beyond.

*Set a regular bedtime
Good sleep habits will give you more energy and will make you more alert and involved in your day-to-day activities. Also, it’s beneficial when trying to lose weight.

*Set aside 10 minutes of “me time”
Dedicate this time to do something you like; yoga, meditation, scrap-booking, going for a walk, chatting up with a friend on the phone, etc.

*Eat healthier
Eating healthier doesn’t have to cost more and take more time from your schedule. It’s about making healthier choices when grocery shopping or eating out. For example, instead of buying potato chips for a snack, buy almonds or peanuts instead. When eating out, instead of ordering a pasta dish that packs on huge amounts of carbohydrates, order broiled chicken or fish with a side of vegetables. Skip the dessert menu and opt for sliced fruit.

*Exercise regularly
Exercise can have such a positive impact on your body, mind and overall well-being. Not only will you lose weight (if you need to) but exercise will give you more energy and will make you feel great mentally. After you get a green light from your primary physician, exercise three to four times a week.

*Try something new
Whether it’s knitting, baking or drawing, trying something new will introduce you to new people with similar interests, and will keep your mind sharp.

Regal Pediatrics and Regal After Hours Urgent Care has been serving the community’s medical needs for many years. We are accepting new patients. For your convenience, we have medical offices in Rochester Hills MI and Washington Township MI. Our offices are near Sterling Heights MI and Troy MI. We welcome walk-ins at our Rochester Hills office.
Furthermore, Dr. Elghoroury speaks English and Arabic, and Dr. Baig speaks English and Urdu.

Regal Pediatrics and Regal After Hours Care specializes in children’s care as well as adult care. We serve all of your family’s medical needs, including immunizations, school physicals, sport physicals, well-child visits, sick visits, urgent care visits and much more.

We have an Expecting Parents Open House on Wednesday February 20 at 2pm. For more information, please visit:

Regal Pediatrics and Regal After Hours Care offers FREE vaccines to children who qualify.

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