Obamacare for college students has been a huge debate between a lot of people on Capital Hill and the citizens of the US. Looking at one group in particular though, there are a lot of mixed feelings for students in college.

Starting this year everyone is forced to have health insurance or you pay a tax penalty. The point of Obamacare is to make health care more affordable with more benefits for Americans.

Obamacare offers benefits like emergency services, hospitalizations, maternity and newborn care, and drug coverage. Other services include laboratory tests, preventative and wellness services, and pediatric services. It’s a huge step-up for college students who have nothing covered for them.

A benefit of Obamacare is the choice for parents to keep their kids on their plan until the age of 26. Some kids are not that fortunate though and have to worry about having insurance. That’s one more thing that college students have to worry about paying for. Obamacare has four different medical plans that you can choose from though depending on how much you want to spend.

It may be a burden for student to pay for insurance, but forcing them to get health insurance can benefit them as well. A lot of kids don’t always think about what happens if they get sick or an accident occurs, but it does and it can quite often.

With the hours they work and attend school exhaustion is pretty well known, which lowers immune systems. Considering the cold, flus, and everything else they expose themselves to it can be a safe net. Hospitals can be expensive, but with health insurance a student wouldn’t have to worry about that as much.

Obamacare, by all means, has it benefits and doubts. In the end though, insurance is a good thing to have and all students can benefit from it one way or another.

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