Not too long ago, obesity was a problem mostly for adults. But the tables have turned and we are now seeing a growing number of overweight and obese children.

Some of the ways to prevent and treat obesity include:

• Better diet
• More exercise
• More sleep

What is a better diet?
It means eating more fruits and vegetables, choosing lean meats, consuming skim or reduced fat dairy products, drinking water instead of soda or juice and preparing meals at home as often as possible.

How much exercise do children need?
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 60 minutes of physical activity everyday (6+ years of age). There are numerous activities that are fun for kids as well as healthy for them, such as; jogging, cycling, playing Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, dancing, etc.

How much sleep do children need?

Sleep requirements vary from person to person, but you may use these guidelines as reference. Infants need about 16 hours of sleep, toddlers need about 12-14, preschoolers need about 10-12 and children six and older need about 9-11.

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