Reading with your kids is extremely important for their development.

Reading is beneficial for a lot of reasons. It’s important to start reading with them at an early age.

First off, reading to a child builds a relationship. Sometimes it’s hard to get the kids to settle down, but when they do this is your time to snag them up and read them a story.

Show them that reading is fun! Make reading with your kids a routine to sit them down once a week or once a day and read their favorite book. You can even take them shopping so they can pick one out themselves. If you are excited to read to them, down the line they’ll be more excited to read by themselves.

Reading to them betters their listening skills. It’s important that the kids are giving you their undivided attention to better concentrate. This also improves their focusing skills. Listening and focusing are great for younger kids to learn before going into preschool.

When they get old enough to read by themselves they start to catch skills. Just the basic concept from reading left to right is very important. Then they are bettering their language by picking up new words and learning to form better sentences.

Encourage them to read out loud. This will allow them to expand their verbal skills.

Talking may be easy for them, but reading with your kids out loud is a whole other story. It’s a skill they need to have for school.

Reading with your kids is also a great way for kids to understand new concepts and learn life lessons. There are a lot of great kids stories that can relate to your child and once they start learning from books they’re going to want to read more.

The adventures and experiences that kids get to take through reading is another major benefit. We all know that dragons and princesses are exciting to our kids.

Instead of letting them watch a movie, give them a book. It’s just as fun.

For suggestions on books for reading with your kids, check out this list of best children books in 2014:

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