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Temper tantrums usually occur in children between 1 and 3 years old. They can cause parents quite a bit of stress, but luckily the tantrums only last until the children are about 3 years of age.
Toddlers usually have temper tantrums when they are:

• Tired
• Hungry
• Uncomfortable
• Frustrated

At this age, toddlers don’t have enough vocabulary to express their wants and wishes, so many times they get your attention by kicking and screaming and demanding something.

Distracting your child from that “something” that he/she wants is a good way to stop the tantrum.
Going grocery shopping after your toddler has taken a nap is a good way to prevent a tantrum at the supermarket.
Repeating back what your child wants in simple terms is helpful too. For example: “You want the cookie. Yes, you want the cookie. You can have the cookie after dinner.”
Giving your child control over some things might help him/her realize that you are listening. Asking your child if he/she would like orange juice OR apple juice will fulfill their need for independence and show that they have a say.

Remember that it’s better to reward them with attention for positive behavior than to reward them with attention for negative behavior!

For more information on temper tantrums, we recommend the following sites:

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