Traveling with your family is a great experience. Preparing for a vacation is a lot of work and money so I’m going to give you a few good tips. These will help you have the time of your life!

1. Read Reviews – Reviews go a long way. Read them for attractions, hotels, and dining. They can only make your trip easier and more worth your money.

It may take up more planning time before traveling with your family, but it’s better than having a regrettable experience.

2. Don’t Fill Your Suitcase – Let’s face it, we all over pack. Try not to overstuff your suitcase though. Going on vacation means souvenirs and you want to leave room for them on the way back. Plus you don’t want those nasty airport fees for having your suitcase be overweight.

3. Always Have Cash – Having cash is a pain in the 21st making change and it’s easier just to charge everything, but emergencies happen. For example, pay phones don’t take a card and sometimes you get lost or your phone dies. Or maybe you need some cash for a cab ride back to your hotel.

4. Don’t Live Behind a Camera – It’s great to take lot of pictures on vacation for keepsakes and memories, but don’t stay behind one. Enjoy the times with the people you’re with. Chances are your vacations are once in a lifetime experiences so it’s important to see it through your eyes and not a lens.

5. Do Something Different – There are always things you can do on vacation destinations that are not available to you in your hometown. Do something out of your comfort zone or something out of the ordinary like zip line through the mountains or eating native cuisine.

6. Don’t Stick to a Schedule – Schedules are great, but leave them at home. It’s okay to plan a few things here and there, but vacations were made to relax.

If you are planning to travel overseas you might consider getting a checkup and make sure you have any necessary immunization before traveling.

Enjoy the time you have and be spontaneous. You don’t want to be running around and following a schedule the entire trip when traveling with family.

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